That's Life January 6, 2011

I trust that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration. It's always nice to get a few days to sit back and enjoy family and friends.
2011 is the big one for the Town of Trochu. They are celebrating their 100th Anniversary. Check their "Trochu Cenennial Footprint" column in each issue of The Capital throughout this year. Each week will profile two of Trochu's personalities from the past 100 years.
Saturday, January 15 the Town of Three Hills and Three Hills and District Chamber of Commerce will host the annual Christmas Tree Burn and Winter Celebration. This event is free for all to enjoy and takes place at the Three Hills Recreation Park. That's at the ball diamonds, directly south of the Hospital for all you newcomers. The giant bonfire, hot dogs, hot chocolate and hay rides begin at 6 pm. The amazing high level fireworks show begins at 6:45 pm. This is a must-see, must-do. Don't let your kids miss this. Don't show up at 7 pm and ask where the fireworks are. Has it happened? Yes, many times.
Next year the Town of Three Hills will be celebrating 100 years. There will be a centennial celebration meeting on Wednesday, January 19 at 7 pm in the Council Chambers at the Three Hills Town Office. Bring your ideas.
I look forward to the coming year as a year of opportunity. We live in a region filled with amazing people who offer a wealth of knowledge and experience from all walks of life.
I believe we need to focus on our regional strengths and share our resources whenever possible to overcome our weaknesses. We need to fight, as a group, to keep the services we have alive and well. It seems too easy for rural communities to be cast aside as though we no longer matter. I've got news for them, we matter.
Economic Development will play a major role in 2011. It's safe to say that more than 90 per cent of Economic Development comes from within your community. It's not rocket science. The focus on Big Box Store development is in the cities or on the major corridors. There is no loyalty in retail anymore. We're a mobile consumer with pockets filled with credit cards. But we still have needs aside from wants. We spend a lot of time identifying those needs but at the end of the day, we don't stand up and do anything about it.
Let's see if we can work together to fill those needs. Let's be creative and fill whatever store fronts there are that need to be filled. Let's take all of our talents and work together to rebuild pride and confidence. It's a new year. Let's make it the best year that it can be.
That's Life.