That's Life - December 16, 2020

This is the final issue of the Capital for 2020.

We would like to thank everyone for their tremendous support during these extremely uncertain times.

I have to be honest, this has been the strangest year I have ever experienced.

If anything, I have realized, even more, what wonderful communities we live in. Look back at all of the activities we have missed and it has yet to be a full year since COVID-19 slammed the door on our daily lives. What do you mean, nothing ever happens here? What about everything we missed?

I’d like to remind everyone that the Tree of Hope campaign has been up and running for sometime. They are on display at Makers Mark, next to the Three Hills Post Office. Your annual contribution can be made right there. Your loved ones are remembered on the tree ornaments. Your generous donations go to the Palliative Care at the Three Hills Health Care Centre.

The importance of supporting your local businesses has never been so important. Please think twice before you just sidestep the local merchants and order online unless you’re ordering from a local business.

Christmas 2020 is bound to be on the quiet side for a lot of people. I think back where you just couldn’t fit any more people around the dining room table.

Then, there was “The Kids Table”. I ended up there quite often, and I wasn’t a kid, I was the host. Oh well, we had a ton of fun and the food was just as good.

I heard a lady the other day and I think she has the right idea about the COVID-19 rules and regulations. She said, “We put our Christmas tree up yesterday and we’re going to leave it up until all this is over and we can all get together as one big happy family and celebrate.” Now, that sounds like a Christmas where wonderful memories are made.

Gord Snell had a good idea when he suggested that I talk about the Anderson Park Christmas Lights.

It’s really quite simple and it goes like this. Someone came up to me and said, “you should decorate Anderson Park for Christmas.” I said something witty like, “sounds like a good idea.” The problem was I had no money, no lights and no plan.

I heard through the grapevine that there wasn’t going to be a fall supper, in Three Hills, that year. I couldn’t allow that to happen so I grabbed the opportunity. I rounded up the most amazing bunch of volunteers possible, got all of the food donated, had some wonderful entertainment volunteer and threw a ring-a-ding-dong-dandy fall supper at the Three Hills Community Centre. We made $9,000 and had the Town of Three Hills keep it for us, in trust.

About then my neighbour said, “If you’re going to string lights in the park keep them all white,” I said something witty like, sounds like a good idea.” Now, it just happened that Home Hardware Canada had changed the gauge on their LED Christmas light wiring and all of their remaining lights in their Mississauga, Ontario warehouse could be had for a beyond excellent price. We bought them.

My wife had applied for a $5,000 grant, through Kneehill County, to help upgrade the water tower lights from the old Noma format to the present LED format with the candy cane stem. That was through the Three Hills and District Chamber of Commerce. She got the grant.

To this day we still have some funding. Yes, the Town of Three Hills pays the power bill for Anderson Park and the water tower Christmas lights but that’s all. It’s all about volunteers and that good old fall turkey supper. You know, recalling the story behind lighting the park makes it look even more spectacular. Thanks Gord for suggesting I share a little background on the lights and thanks to everyone who helps make Christmas bright.

“Oh, and may all your Christmases be white.” (Thank Bing)

Merry Christmas everyone. 2021 just has to be better.

That’s Life