That's Life - February 3, 2021

In bold letters it reads, “Now is NOT the time to travel”. Now, my wife doesn’t fly, if she did we would probably be in Palm Springs. That being said, I’m just fine with that, especially when I became aware of the new travel measures announced by the Federal Government.

People who travel by air, for non-essential reasons, such as vacation, will face new measures and expenses when they return to Canada.

Travellers must still provide proof of a negative pre-departure test. In the coming weeks, travellers will also be required to: take a COVID-19 molecular test on arrival in Canada. They must reserve a room in a hotel for three nights at their own cost, while they await their travel results.

All of these hotels are located near one of four Canadian airports currently accepting international fights.

In Calgary you’ll be staying at the Airport Westin. Your three--day-stay is going to cost you $2,000.

Let’s just say that you’re not getting out of there until you receive a negative test result from your on-arrival molecular test and you have to demonstrate that you have a suitable quarantine plan.

I think it would have been easier to limit air travel to essential travel only.

I’m assuming the Federal Government is trying not to totally kill the air travel industry but this is not helping. Closing the US/Canada borders to non-essential travel but allowing air travel to continue was bound to crash sooner or later. Well, it has crashed. Mind you, the Westin at the Calgary Airport is going to make out like a thief.

As far as I can see there are more political decisions than scientific decisions being made over COVID-19 these days.

Just don’t forget that Balzac Billy predicts six more weeks of winter. We’re Albertans, we’re resilient, we can take six more weeks of winter without a second thought.

Just remember, if you go south to play, you’re gonna have to pay.

It’s best to stick around, for the time being. Hey, it’s cheaper.

That’s Life.