That's Life - June 2, 2021

The sun is shining (when I wrote this), people are dining outside and I’m getting my haircut on Thursday. Can it get any better? Well, according to Premier Jason Kenney it will get better, a whole lot better, in the next four weeks.

I hope “Open for Summer” doesn’t have a sequel entitled “Closed for Fall”. I realize how important the Calgary Stampede and Edmonton’s K Days are to our Premier’s Popularity. I just hope people have enough common sense to take things easy. I mean, being allowed to have a wedding or funeral reception are miles away from a packed stampede midway, grandstand or a Nashville North Beer tent. But if getting to the Calgary Stampede is your thing then you better get your vaccination and allow Stage Three of Alberta’s re-opening to actually happen.

Stage One has kicked in, Stage Two will begin in two weeks. After that Stage Three will kick in two weeks after 70% of eligible Albertans have received their first vaccination. Remember, everyone age 12 and over is eligible.

I was hoping to hear Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi on the aggressive re-opening that seems to be using the Calgary Stampede as a Pot of Gold for all to share. I’m thinking that Calgary Council’s refusal to approve a parade permit speaks for itself.

Alberta Country Superstar Paul Brandt will not perform at the Stampede’s Nightly Grandstand show. He has indicated that his reason for stepping back is that the time to get back to huge public shows is not now. Not for him at least. Maybe our Premier could pick and grin. He’s already got the grin down.

Before I sign off I would like to say a huge “Thank You” to Shirley Cullum and her Town Beautification Committee for the flower barrels and hanging baskets on Main Street and Beyond. Thanks to all who have supported the project either through hard work, equipment or cash donations.

Also, Anderson Park is in wonderful shape thanks to our Town Parks Department and Darlene Sommerville and her dedicated volunteers. If you see them, thank them.

This Saturday the 2021 Graduating Class of Three Hills School will hold a Graduation Parade through town directly after their 2pm Commencement Ceremony. Acme’s Grad Parade starts from the Acme Fire Hall this Saturday, June 5 at 1:45pm. Be sure to wave them on as they drive by.

Just in case you don’t know, by some chance, Cruise Weekend has been cancelled for 2021. Will there be some enthusiasts in town on Saturday? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

That’s Life.