That's Life - July 21, 2021

Even though we were promised “The Best Summer Ever” chances are that’s not going to work out. Most of us have issues with the heat, all of us have issues with the smoke and very few of us can afford the highest gas prices we have ever had to pay. This time last year gasoline was 70 cents per litre and here we are at $1.43.9 per litre. A West Coast fill-up will cost you another 20 cents per litre on a good day.

According to authorities the price spike is due to a problem at a refinery. I suspect the truth is on a “need to know” basis. I mean, what are you going to do, not fill your car or truck? That’s not going to get you very far. But really, is this the year to spend hundreds of dollars on gas and even more on hotels to drive into BC’s 300 forest fires? I recall a stay in Canmore, a few years back, where we couldn’t see the Three Sisters mountains from our hotel room. Not worth it.

But breathe easy my friends, there is a home-based event happening on Sunday, July 25, 2021 from 4-8 pm at Anderson Park. It’s an Open Air Jam Session billed as “Goodstock 1”. You’ll hear classic rock, folk and country music performed by a good number of very talented local musicians. There is no admission charge plus you can pick up a BBQ burger and cool refreshment onsite. It’s live music in the park so forget about work for a while by coming out to stomp your hands and clap your feet. You might want to bring your lawn chairs.

That’s Life.