That's Life - July 28, 2021

And in the blink of an eye the August Long Weekend is upon us.

But before you strap in your family and put the pedal to the metal, to reach your get-away destination, please note that RCMP issued over 2,5000 traffic tickets over the 2020 August Long Weekend.

Remember the COVID-19 pandemic was in full force last year. This year our province is basically wide open. I would imagine every campsite in Alberta will be booked solid. For some reason some folks feel the need to speed in order to get to their destination as soon as possible. They’re asking for a ticket and putting the safety of their family and oncoming traffic in jeopardy. Slow down, get to where you’re going safely, and save the money and demerits it’ll cost you for a speeding ticket.

Also, remember not to drink and drive, store your liquor out of reach of the driver or put it in your cars trunk or truck box. The same applies to cannabis products. Keep your skunk in the trunk. I think that’s kind of a catchy slogan.

If you’re heading to British Columbia to breathe the clean mountain air and take in the majestic landscapes you’re bound to be disappointed. There are almost 800 wildfires burning in BC. You might want to re-think your plans.

This weekend we face another extreme heat scenario. We are all lured to cool water but the number of drownings, in Alberta Lakes and Rivers, is out of control. Most of these drownings could have been prevented.

To reduce the risk of drowning and promote water safety remember the following:

*Children must be supervised by an adult while swimming.

*Children and inexperienced swimmers should always wear a lifejacket when in the water.

*Check both water and weather conditions before heading out on a lake or river. Weather can change and quickly become dangerous.

*Ensure there are enough approved lifejackets or personal flotation devices for every person on a watercraft.

*Make sure everyone’s lifejacket or flotation device fits them properly.

*Make sure your boat has a safety kit, charged cell phone, proper horn and or whistle, fire extinguisher, paddles, baling bucket, anchor and tie-down ropes on board at all times. Make sure you check your gas before setting out.

*Never operate a boat or any other watercraft while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

*Avoid climbing rocks or cliffs near water for photo-op purposes. A selfie should never compromise your safety.

Remember: Respect the water, it has no respect for you.

That’s Life