That's Life - January 26, 2022

I don’t know about you but I’m actually excited to see how Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is going to regain the love and admiration of Albertans by the UCP confidence voting date on the weekend of April 8-9. He has a lot to do and so little time.

The smokescreen to re-direct our attention from new daily Covid cases began with Justice Minister Kaycee Madu being removed from his post pending the outcome of a probe into the matter of a call being made to Edmonton’s Police Chief regarding a traffic ticket.

It has most recently been announced that the Alberta Government is finally getting off their backsides to do something about Alberta’s ongoing ambulance crisis.

Code Red has become a common alert in city hospitals. I had to ask my oldest son, who was a patient in these hospitals over the last four months.

He told me it means “no ambulances available at this time”. Then I heard it again and again and again.

From September 2021 to December, 2021, my son was road-ambulanced seven times from Three Hills to Red Deer, to Calgary and to Drumheller, to Red Deer to Calgary once again. He was also flown from Red Deer Regional to Calgary by a STARS fixed winged aircraft. The care he received while being transported was, without question, the finest we could have ever hoped for. Were there wait times? You better believe there were. Did that concern us? You better believe it did.

Premier Kenney is also faced with temporary bed closures in many rural hospitals including Three Hills. Some rural health centres, like Three Hills, are also dealing with temporary closures of the obstetric departments and some emergency departments have been temporarily closed as well. Three Hills Emergency department remains operational but Consort, Alberta, saw theirs closed, temporarily I hope.

Add to these items the insistence that the RCMP be replaced by a Provincial Police Force and forcing an unwanted education curriculum down the throats of Albertans and I ask, is there anyone out there who still believes that Jason Kenney is the person that we want to lead us into the future?

And remember, he has got to solve all of these issues, win a vote of confidence from his UCP Party in April, make the Covid-19 Pandemic along with the unbelievable new daily cases, hospitalizations and even deaths go away, all in time to “Open For Summer” so we can all head to the Calgary Stampede 2022 so a good time can be had by all, because that’s the Alberta Advantage. At least it used to be.

That’s Life.