The old saying used to be, “there are only two guarantees in life, death and taxes.” Well, thanks to technology, on the most part, we can now add scams and frauds to the list.

Last night on television, I saw a fellow sitting outside with his laptop talking about losing $60,000 on a Bitcoin investment scam. It was one of those scams that had him sending more, and more money. That’s the common denominator in most scams. They want you to send more and more money with the promise o

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I will open by wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2022.

Congratulations to the Town Of Trochu on their very successful high-level fireworks held on New Years Eve. My wife and I followed the solid line of tail lights that travelled to Trochu from Three Hills to enjoy the annual event. It was spectacular as always.

Three Hills Public Works will pick up your discarded tree, today, Wednesday, January 12.

This year the Christmas trees will be taken to the landfill as opposed to the Thre

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As many of you are aware, our family has experienced an extreme medical crisis over the past six months. To say the least, it has been very difficult for all of us. Your thoughts, prayers and caring have helped us through these difficult times.

To the doctors, nurses, lab techs and ambulatory staff, we offer our sincere thanks. You are underpaid and grossly understaffed. As I visited my oldest son, I heard, “Code Red”, over and over. That means no ambulances are available. I will nev

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A STATE OF PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY was declared by THE PROVINCE OF ALBERTA back in September of this year. The Fourth Wave of COVID-19 has been brutal.

Along with the Public Health Emergency comes mandatory Mask/Requirements. First, Let's review the meaning of the word “mandatory”. It means required by a law or rule. You know, like wearing seatbelts in a vehicle or a helmet on a motorcycle. If you don’t comply , you get a ticket because it’s the law.

Masks are mandatory i

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