Drastic times call for drastic change and that’s happening all over the world due to COVID-19.

And drastic change is happening right here at The Capital.

We have switched our mailing from addressed to unaddressed. This means that residents, within Kneehill County, will receive a copy of The Capital in their mailbox. We have been forced to do this due to the tremendous difference in mailing costs.

We have also opened up our digital edition free for all to read.

If you live outside of the bo

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As I write this “That’s Life”, organizers tell me there are only 18 tickets left for Saturday’s Mardi Gras Masquerade, presented by The Three Hills Health Initiative. Get your tickets at Adam B. Young Insurance or online at gala43hill@yahoo.com Raffle tickets for the $5,000 Travel Voucher are available at Adam B. Young Insurance, ATB Financial (Three Hills, Trochu and Linden), Servus Credit Union (Three Hills), and the Trochu Dollar Store. I’m told the remaining raf

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It is an honour to recognize our Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) as they celebrate their 100th Anniversary.

Since January 1, 1944, Three Hills has been home to the Mounties.

As the years go by, the list of Commanding Officers lengthens. To the best of my ability, through letters from past members and history books, I have listed as many of those Commanding Officers as possible. I’m sure many of you will remember some of these names.

The first was Cst. Pittman, followed by Robert H. Si

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Postponing any activity is a difficult decision but the weather makes it easier sometimes.

Saturday’s Three Hills Winter Celebration was a huge success with over 700 people coming out to enjoy the annual event. One week before, the cold snap had us at minus 32 with the windchill, at 6:30 pm. That would not have worked well.

You know January and February often seem like the longest, coldest, hum-drum months. The annual Winter Celebration provides our residents with a little excitement follo

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