Well, that’s it for “The Best Summer Ever”. Between the heat wave, the drought and medical emergencies the summer of 2021 will not go down in my book as “The Best”. The good part is the medical side is vastly improving and last I checked it’s going to get chilly and rain. Heck, I hear the Premier might even get home from holidays. Maybe he had “The Best Summer Ever”.

Students within the Golden Hills School Division are back in class as of today, We

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And in the blink of an eye the August Long Weekend is upon us.

But before you strap in your family and put the pedal to the metal, to reach your get-away destination, please note that RCMP issued over 2,5000 traffic tickets over the 2020 August Long Weekend.

Remember the COVID-19 pandemic was in full force last year. This year our province is basically wide open. I would imagine every campsite in Alberta will be booked solid. For some reason some folks feel the need to speed in order to get to t

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Even though we were promised “The Best Summer Ever” chances are that’s not going to work out. Most of us have issues with the heat, all of us have issues with the smoke and very few of us can afford the highest gas prices we have ever had to pay. This time last year gasoline was 70 cents per litre and here we are at $1.43.9 per litre. A West Coast fill-up will cost you another 20 cents per litre on a good day.

According to authorities the price spike is due to a problem at a re

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I realize the threat of the COVID-19 Pandemic is far from completely over but things are really starting to get back to normal.

Things like Friday’s Grand Opening at the Honey Hut and Busy Bee Bake Shoppe, Saturday’s gathering to welcome Federal Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole and even Monday’s official opening of the Three Hills Water Treatment Plant upgrade remind us that normality is alive and well, thank goodness.

To celebrate the light at the end of a very long tunn

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