The Capital is proud and privileged to present a new series to our readers entitled, “Where are they now?” Written by the Award Winning James Rendall, these articles will feature a great number of Prairie Alumni who have gone on to achieve great things. The timing of this series coincides nicely with the coming of Prairie’s Centennial Celebration in 2022. You might recall the column entitled “Memories of a Prairie Boy” by Stephen J. Rendall. I enjoyed each and every

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As the song says, “June is busting out all over”, and man oh man is it ever. After 15 months of doing next to nothing, things are starting to happen.

Congratulations to all of the graduates in Kneehill County. The Capital is proud to present them to you in this issue. Thanks to our many advertisers for allowing this to happen.

And speaking of graduation, Prairie Christian Academy Graduation is being celebrated this Friday, June 25 while Trochu Valley School Graduation will be celebra

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The sun is shining (when I wrote this), people are dining outside and I’m getting my haircut on Thursday. Can it get any better? Well, according to Premier Jason Kenney it will get better, a whole lot better, in the next four weeks.

I hope “Open for Summer” doesn’t have a sequel entitled “Closed for Fall”. I realize how important the Calgary Stampede and Edmonton’s K Days are to our Premier’s Popularity. I just hope people have enough common sense

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Volunteers are needed to help plant and place the 66 flower barrels and 38 hanging baskets that are all part of the Three Hills Beautification Project.

It’s all happening on Saturday, May 29, at 10 am at Digger’s Greenhouse. Organizer Shirley Cullum tells me you only need to bring along your work gloves. Trucks and trailers will be provided.

If you can find the time to help this community project along, please call Shirley at 403-443-0982 or email

Cash donation

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