Ghost Pine News - August 12, 2015

We are almost two weeks into August and already you can tell that harvest will soon be on its way. It's such a pretty time of year, don't you think?
Joe and June Kanderka have been very busy people over the last few weeks. They, along with Andy and Irene Nakaska, spent a few days at the Ponoka Stampede. Previous to this, Joe and June spent a couple of weeks holidaying in Radium, BC. Their son Dan, Melissa and boys joined them for a week. After arriving home, they all went to the Kanderka-Gabara reunion at Red Lodge Park, Bowden.
The parishioners of St. Theresa's Lumni Church will be interested to know that a special mass will be held there on Sunday, August 23. This will be the last mass held there. There will be deconsecrating of the church and spiritual items.
Summer holidays aren't any fun at all unless you can play military whist at least once a week. On July 3, They met at the CommUnity Drop-In. Those high on the Richter Scale were John Tullikopf, Allen Huxley, Mel Hansen and Delores Bauer. Those with only a tremor were Elizabeth Gorman, Frank Richardson, Bernice Huxley and Joan Tullkiopf. On August 6 they were together again. Those who passed with high academic standing were Allen Huxley, Delores Bauer, Marlene Luijkx, and Joan Tullikopf. Those with barely a passing grade were Elizabeth Gorman, Bette Sittler, Sharon Cooper and Bernice Huxley.
Grace Reed spent a few days last week at Bryan and Eileen McComish's farm near Erskine. Robbie Reed of Didsbury and Chris and Ruth Pelletier of Picture Butte were also there. Coming home, she stopped at the Morrin Bridge campground where the children and families of Brian and Ruth Sommerville were camping. They were celebrating Robin's 60th birthday. Robin's daughter Monoca, who lives in Germany, surprised her mother by arriving at the campground without her knowing she was flying home.
Ed and Karin Nakaska were very happy to spent two restful days at Sheerness and two days at Morrin Bridge.
Allan and Marie Olmstead were in Rocky Mountain House for the long weekend. They attended the Olmstead reunion. There were 83 in attendance, Allan and Gerald being the only ones left of the original family.
About 40 people enjoyed the coffee time at Manor Gospel Church on Friday. Pat Dau was the hostess with fresh cinnamon buns to aid in the conversations around the tables.
Meeting up with old school friends is a special treat. Dianne Leaf met with old school friends on Wednesday. Dave and Esther Scovill from South Carolina, Ron and Helena Swanson from Red Deer, and Al and Lena Armbruster and Betty Carlson got together at Bell 720 for lunch and a very long chat.