Ghost Pine News - August 26, 2015

While traveling the highways and byways, we notice that in between rain showers, the combines are humming. The weather forecast for the next week is good. Let's hope that much harvesting can be accomplished.
Visiting with Hazel Arvidson recently were Graham and Erin Arvidson from Perth, Australia, and Blaine and Julie Arvidson from Calgary, AB. Graham and Blaine are Hazel's grandsons.
Dylan and Abbey Lemke are visiting with their grandparents Doug and Gayle Parker. They have done all kinds of interesting things including the fossil dig in Drumheller.
Visiting at the home of Allen and Bernice Huxley on Sunday were Mike and Christine Kiemeny and daughter Adrianna of Strathmore.
Sympathy of the community goes out to the friends and family of Lorna Mueller, who passed away recently.
No matter what the season, you just can't hold those whist players back. Six tables played on August 13. Those who dominated were Allan Olmstead, Bernice Huxley, Jim Sailer and Edna Karey. The shy ones were Marie Olmstead, Doreen Varga, Sharon Cooper and John Tullikopf. What a match they had on August 20! Those who reighned supreme were Bonnie Richardson, Jim Sailer, Allen Huxley, and Delores Bauer. Those who were left weeping were Frank Richardson, Mel Hansen, Joan Tullikopf, and Sandra Meding. Those poor souls lost by only one flag.
On Sunday, August 23 St. Theresa's Church, Lumni, held their last Mass. Former parishioners came from far and wide to attend. This was a sad time but sadness was overcome by meeting old friends and visiting at the Community Centre in Three Hills for lunch after the service was over.
Happy Birthday greetings go out to Marie Kubinec who is celebrating her 95th birthday on Wednesday.
Cole Stevens and Terri Huxley have returned on Aug. 19th from NWT. They had tons of fun, exhausted, met new and old friends and came home with lots of stories to share. Some of the highlights include: going to a honey farm (yes, way up there!), going to a diamond mine, a paper refinery, meat plant that supplies McDonalds, and probably the best was the smoke jumpers and bush pilots. They did a lot of camping, got confused with the constant daylight, saw and heard many a wildlife. Overall, it was the best way to end the summer!
Andy and Irene Nakaska attended the wedidng of their granddaughter, Erin Penner to Ruben Sheele in Beiseker on Sat., Aug. 22. Spending a few days with Andy and Irene while attending the wedding was Faron Nakaska and family from Hague, Sask.
Manor Gospel Church was the scene of special activity this past week as about 50 children enjoyed a very active Vacation Bible School. Paige Mueller was the director for this creative and informative venture and was helped and encouraged by a large number of volunteer teachers, craft workers, sports enthusiasts, and snack providers.