Ghost Pine News - September 23, 2015

Autumn is officially here and with it the equinox. Yes, I have done what I do every year at this time. I have an egg standing on end on my cupboard.
The Military Whist group doesn't wait for the equinox to play, they do it every week. On Sept. 10, those highest on the tree top were Elizabeth Gorman, Glen Johnson, John Tullikopf, and Bonnie Richardson. Those left stumbling around the trunk were Allen Huxley, Pearl Hansen, Marlene Luijkx and Doreen Varga.
On Sept. 17, those smiling and waving flags were Allen Huxley, Joan Tullikopf, Elizabeth Gorman and Frank Richardson. The losers would have liked to hang a flag at half-mast but they ended up with zero flags. These people were Allan Olmstead, Bette Sittler, Bonnie Richardson and Inaka Bolt.
Hal Reed of Taber was a Friday morning visitor with his mother Grace. After having breakfast, they went up to Trochu and had an excellent visit with Watson Reed.
Ray and Carol McKeen returned from a great visit with her sister and family in Selkirk, MB. They were introduced to a new baby grand-niece. They had four sunny days out of 11. The land is so wet, farmers were thinking of putting actual rice tires on combines to finish the harvest. They also had a grand visit with a brother and partner in Winnipeg.
On a gorgeous weather Friday, Ray and Carol Mc-Keen picked up their Aunt Eve in Red Deer and headed up to Rimbey, where their cousin has the "Stout's Antique Shop". They had lunch and shopped. Returning to Red Deer, they shopped and had supper. After taking Aunt Eve home, they headed off to the hospital to visit a brother who had hip surgery on Thursday and is doing very well.