Ghost Pine News - September 21, 2016

Smiles, smiles and more smiles! Did you ever see a happier community this past week? Kids are back in school, farmers are harvesting and we are more in a routine. What could be nicer?

Allen and Bernice Huxley are pleased to have Bernice’s brother and wife, Hank and Tina Harbers of Lethbridge, here to help with harvest.

Ray and Carol McKeen have just returned from a week’s visit with Ray’s cousin in BC. They had a great time visiting with friends and relations in that area.

Visiting Joe and June Kanderka over the weekend were Joe’s brother Clarence and wife Millie of Bragg Creek.

On Sept. 10, Karin Nakaska was in Bow City, AB to attend the Hobson family memorial. The Hobsons were cousins of Karin’s.

Phil and Marian Johnson have returned home after spending two months in their summer home in New Brunswick.

On Sept. 8, the whist players were very competitive. Those who rode high in the saddle were Doreen Varga, John Tullikopf, Jim Sailer and Pearl Hansen. Those who rode bareback were Mic King, Ken Weisenburger, Bonnie Richardson, and Bette Sittler. They were at it again on Sept. 15. Those who were proud of their achievements were Joan Tullikopf, Bette Sittler, Inaka Bolt, and Jim Sailer. Those who had to swallow their pride were Maria Olmstead, Pearl Hansen, John Tulliopf, and Delores Bauer.

Kenton Brunner, former Ghost Pine resident, was at Manor Church on Sunday. Kenton works in Montreal as spiritual advisor to pastors and church leaders. Following the morning service, the congregation was invited to a soup and bun lunch with brownies and ice cream for dessert. This gave opportunity for interactions with Kenton, and a question and answer session.

Have you taken in any of the activities at the Community Drop In on weekday mornings from 9-12? I’m sure you’d enjoy them. Remember, you don’t have to be a senior to participate. They also play bridge and whist on certain evenings.

The Ghost Pine Ladies and friends will be meeting at the Atrium on the second and fourth Tuesday mornings starting Sept. 22.