Ghost Pine News - October 5, 2016

Since the last column written, fall has arrived. With the autumnal equinox, I, of course, stood my egg on end. How many of you remembered to do it?

Wayne and Nancy Dickie, of Cape Breton Island, were recent visitors at Tom and Karen Ferguson’s. Nancy is Karen’s sister. While there they did a lot of travelling, golfing and visiting other relatives.

Sympathy of the community goes out to Travis and Mel Stevens and family. Travis’ father, Don Stevens, passed away recently.

Ray and Carol McKeen were recently in Red Deer where they had an enjoyable visit with Carol’s aunt, Evelyn Bowie.

Come rain or shine, the whist players continue to play. On Sept. 22, those who managed to stay in the sunshine were Bonnie Richardson, Allen Huxley, Sandra Meding and Sharon Lee. Those drenched by the rain were Marian Johnson, Inaka Bolt, Marie Olmstead and Jim Sailer.

On Sept. 29, those who played leading roles were Inaka Bolt, Mel Hansen, Mic King and Frank Richardson. Those who were just stand-ins were Bette Sittler, Bonnie Richardson, Ken Weisenburger and Art Luijkx.

Dianne Leaf was treated to the Sunday noon buffet at Bell 720 by two of her children - Ron and Bonnie Leaf from Rocky Mountain House and Julie Porcheron and friend Mike Gardner from Calgary.