Ghost Pine News - September 27, 2017

Those of you who make a habit of reading the Ghost Pine news will know what I’m going to ask. We have had the Autumnal Equinox. How many of you stood an egg on end? Mine is proudly standing on my kitchen counter top.

It would be unheard of if the whist scores were not recorded so here goes. They played on Sept. 14 and those who rose to great heights were Jim Sailer, Allen Huxley, Bonnie Richardson and Ella Lammle. Those who hovered close to earth were Bernice Huxley, Barbie Noelle, Sandra Meding and Frank Richardson. They played again on Sept. 21. Those who stayed in the daylight were Allen Huxley, Bonnie Richardson, Ed Lockett and Dummy Albert. Those who faded into the darkness were Allen Lammle, Mel Hansen, Joan Tullikopf and Bernice Huxley.

Sympathy of the community goes out to Ruth Wright and family with the recent passing of her husband, Jim.

Eleanor Stewart was very pleased to have Faye and Taz Urano of Taber visit her. Faye is Eleanor’s daughter.

Gayle Parker, accompanied by Grace Reed, spent Saturday afternoon in Stettler where they visited with Shirley McKibbon. she sends a big “Hi” to all her friends in the Three Hills area.

Visiting at the home of Ruth Andrews is her brother and wife, Dave and Doris Corbett, as well as their daughter Laurie and husband Clint, all from Smith Falls, Ontario. They say the weather in Ontario is upwards to 30.

Ed and Karin Nakaska celebrated Thanksgiving early, so that their granddaughter, Maggie Adolf, who attends an art school in Vancouver, could be there. Also in attendance was Karen Nakaska, Gus and Sam Adolf and their children, Dakota, Keenan and Mav. Julie Turner came from Acme, where she teaches, as well as Tori Colton and Muntene.

Visiting Andy and Irene Nakaska for a few days this past week were Doreen Fearon, and Joanne Taylor from Vernon, BC.

Andy and Irene Nakaska are thrilled to announce the arrival of a new great-granddaughter, Ayla Amanda, born Sept. 19 to Jedd and Amanda Dorn of Blackfoot, AB. Proud grandparents are Laurie and John Dorn of Three Hills.

It was a happy day of birthday celebration for Dianne Leaf on Sunday. Her daughter, Julie and friend Mike Gardner, had made the plans. Granddaughters, Arielle and Cami, came from Calgary to celebrate. Also, Ron and Bonnie Leaf from Rocky Mountain House, Tyson Leaf and friend Jessica came from Calgary and Bernice Edwards from Ponoka all enjoyed a birthday supper at Bell 720 restaurant.