Ghost Pine News - December 13, 2017

What beautiful weather isn’t it? It makes me ponder why so many people go south for the winter.

My apologies go out to my faithful whist players. Because of a big change, and moving going on, I haven’t published your scores, so here goes. On Nov. 16, whose who marched up the stairs were Bonnie Richardson and Ken Weisenburger. Those who missed the first step were Pearl Hansen and Allen Huxley.

When they played on Nov. 23, attendance was down but spirits were high. Those whose spirits were highest were Bernice Huxley, Ken Weisenburger, Joan Tullikopf and Allen Lammle. Those who were down in the doldrums were Allen Huxley, Bonnie Richardson, Neil O’Shea and Sharon Lee.

They played on Nov. 30 with great gusto! Those who walked slowly but surely on our paths without snow were Mic King, Ken Weisenburger, Bette Sitler and Bernice Huxley. Those who slipped on the ice were Ella Lammle, Doreen Varga, Frank Richardson and Marlene Luijkx.

On Dec. 7, they were at it again. Those who remembered all the tricks of the game were Mel Hansen, Bill Marten, Sandra Meding and Frank Richardson. Those who got caught in their tricks were Allen Lammle, Neil O’Shea, Irene Jacques and Pearl Hansen.

Sympathy of the community goes out to the Arvidson families with the recent passing of Herman Arvidson of Calgary.

Bill and Pat Dau, and Garry and Karen Weigum have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Maui.

Brian and Meryle Kester, accompanied by Reta and Daryl Jenken of Calgary, have just returned from a holiday in Puerto Vallarta.

Audrey Soder is enjoying a visit from her daughter Sandi, whose home is in the Dominican Republic.

The Joe and June Kanderka family celebrated their family Christmas on Dec. 9. Christmas dinner was held at Hal and Bernita’s home.

Tom and Karen Ferguson have recently had a five day holiday enjoying the sights, scenes and activities at Fairmont Hot Springs.

Ed and Karin Nakaska spent the weekend in Calgary visiting their daughter Glenda and her family. While there they visited Zoo Lights and said they were extremely gorgeous.

Manor Gospel Church enjoyed their annual Christmas pot luck on Sunday evening at the church. Along with the very adequate spread of food, they enjoyed the beautifully decorated sanctuary thanks to Sherry Friesen and some of the young people. It all makes the ‘season bright.’