Trochu News May 27, 2010

"The 24th of May is the Queen's Birthday. If you don't give us a holiday, we'll all run away." This was the chant of school children years ago, especially in rural areas.  Very few of them got to celebrate in any special way but they did get a break from school and for many it was a day helping their parents plant the potatoes. This was a family day of working together to get the job done. These days, the 24th of May is turned into a three-day weekend extravaganza and families pack up their motorhomes or trailers and head for a park. Supposedly it's to relax and get away from it all, so how come they take everything with them? It seems to me that planting the potatoes was more relaxing. The Tolman Bridge campground and TL Bar Ranch were very busy places over the weekend. Catching and preparing horses for trail rides as well as acting as guides is just a sample of chores handled by ranch staff. The scenic ranch located east of Trochu along the Red Deer River is a horse lover's dream come true. It's a short trip for locals who love to ride.
The ACE Communities Trails Committee invites walkers around Trochu to "Walk This Way". On Thursday, June 3 they are urged to walk to the curling rink for a 7 pm meeting. The committee wants their input and opinions on a new pathway system for Trochu.
St. Mary's Health Care Centre Auxiliary held a May 18 meeting with nine members in attendance, chaired by Pres. Isobel Whyte. Lorene Adolf reported that six birthday corsages would be presented this month. Frances Beekman and Neona Molnar hosted the monthly breakfast at extended care. A thank you note was received from St. Mary's staff for the nurses coffee party hosted by the Auxiliary. The Auxiliary will deliver meals on wheels for July. Drivers will be organized by Phylis Steinbach. Motions were passed to continue to receive the Royal Purple Calendar and to pay for buckets to fit the new cleaning carts. Fundraising events ideas would be welcome. The June 15 meeting is a supper one as the Auxiliary takes a summer break and reconvenes in September.
Ten members turned out for the May 20 meeting of the Trochu Valley Historical Society chaired by Pres. Bill Cunningham. A grant from Jobs Canada was approved enabling the hiring of Karissa Richardson, along with curator Toni Nelson. Several donations toward building expansion have been received and acknowledged. Nomination forms to select 100 of Trochu's most influential citizens are being circulated. This is in advance of the town's centennial in 1911. The form asks for your top ten choices. A historical calendar is being designed for the Centennial year coming up. Members were reminded of the June 1 CARMN meeting being hosted by Three Hills. Our next meeting is June 17 and will be the annual one prior to the summer break. Members are urged to attend.
OORP news
The regular meeting of Trochu OORP #71 was held May 11, with 20 members present. Minutes of the April meeting were read and approved, followed by both treasurer's reports. Communications were read and reports given. Lady Lorene Frere and Lady EIleen deBeaudrap received 50 year service pins in April. On April 17, 13 ladies attended the District meeting in Delia.
Installation was held on May 18 with DD Donna Vossler, assisted by PDD Linda Torpy and PDD Marilyn Forbes. The slate of officers for the ensuing year is as follows: HRL Suzanne Massey, PHRL Sharon Davis, ARL Irene Diack, Loyal Lady Fran Soloway, Lecturing Lady Donna MacDonald, Conductress Sherie Campbell, Secretary Jean Frere, Treasurer Theresa Adams, Chaplain Helene Dodd, Outer Guard Lorrane Robertson, Inner Guard Phylis Fabian, Pianist Shirley Smyth, Historian Ruth Gordon. Gifts were presented to the installing officer and a lovely lunch enjoyed. Next meeting is June 10, 2010.