Trochu News June 30, 2010

June has been a busy month and the calendar for July is quickly filling in with scheduled events. The first Farmer's Market of the season will be held July 8 (see the classified ad or contact Arlene Denomme for details). The annual fundraising supper for the Arboretum is being organized for July 22.
In the meantime, there were many celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, showers and weddings taking place in June. Congratulations to Clark and Evelyn Ironside who observed their 50th Wedding Anniversary surrounded by family and friends at the Baptist Church in Three Hills on June 26.
The 24th of June was filled with celebrating as Lily Tetz was feted with the birthday party at St. Mary's Lodge as she observed her 90th.
The Trochu Drop In was filled most of the day as a crowd of relatives, friends and neighbours brought greetings to Don Dowell as he reached 75 years. His biggest surprise was the unexpected arrival of son Glen, who flew up for the occasion from the US. Family is so important. Happy Birthday to all those people born in June.
Have you noticed the new sign on the Trochu Drop In? Artist Eldon Walls did another fine job. Watch for a new mural across the street that is in the works - a bit of history to spruce up the appearance of the town. All of these little projects improve the image of our community and make it an attractive place for tourists and future residents.
The Trochu Hall 300 Club winners for the month of June are Margaret Reip, Glen Wagstaff, Dave and Sandra Smyth and Pam Guard. Pam's win was worth $500 as the half-year payment.
The staff at St. Mary's Health Care Centre is holding its 17th annual Charity Golf Tournament on August 14 so it's time to practice your swing and shots. A few changes have been made for this year's event. Everything will take place at the Trochu Golf and Country Club including the steak supper and there will not be a silent auction. The entry fee will include breakfast and supper, along with the tournament. For registering or more info, call St. Mary's at 442-3955.
School is out, so watch out for the young folk who are now free all day to bike, skateboard and play. They tend to get excited and may not notice vehicles approaching. We hope they have a happy summer.