Trochu News August 5, 2010

While folk at Camrose were remembering the Big Valley Jamboree of August 1, 2001 where a vicious wind caused destruction of the stage and the death of a lady near it, people in Trochu were remembering the plow wind that brought havoc to our town. It brought the community together as everyone pitched in to help clear streets and deal with uprooted trees. After a year since the big wind, there are still reminders that day and changes that a few minutes of nature's fury can accomplish. I'm not sure that any poplars remain on Poplar Avenue.
Have you fished your list of ten people who you feel have had the most influence in Trochu's growth and history? Please get them in soon as a committee needs time to sort out 100 of them to honour during the towns' 100th Anniversary 2011. Your choices can be from past to present residents. When you turn your list in at the Museum, you can have a look at the podium for the 2010 Olympics.
Winners of the Trochu Hall 300 Club draws for the month of July are Cleo Ross, Cody Hogg, Kent Walker, Wayne May and John Kowalchuk.
The Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park was busy on Sunday. People were launching boats and canoes for a trip down the river. Some were hiking and others picnicing. The hills have never looked so lush and green. Now if we could control the mosquitoes!
Have you got your photos sorted out and mounted for the Flower Show at the Trochu Hall on August 18? There's still time, but if you wish to attend the supper at 5 pm that day, please give Leona Pryor a call so the caterer can plan the menu and amounts of food. Check the classified ad for all the details.
As of Aug. 3, Troy Niemi stands in sixth place with 4,400 votes in the UFA-sponsored Small Town Hero contest. He could use your votes to keep him in the top contenders and a chance to win money for his community efforts. To vote and learn details, go to and make sure Troy stays in the top group.
We've been waiting for summer and all of a sudden stores are displaying "Back to School" signs. There never seems to be a break, however, I suppose there are some children who are bored by now with holidays and are actually looking forward to September.
I wonder where St. Mary's Auxiliary members are with their tidbits of news? Come on girls, I need help!