Trochu News June 25, 2014

The 38th Anniversary celebration and memorial service was held June 19 at the Trochu Drop In Centre. Jim Deering opened the program in remembrance of those members, a total of 355, who have passed away during the past 38 years. Pat Dyson conducted the dedication service with prayer and the reading of Psalm 21. Ilona Noble provided the music accompaniment for the singing of Amazing Grace. Jim Deering and Donna Pride unveiled two plaques, the most recent one having been purchased and donated by Ed and Phyl Henkel. Members whose names were entered on the plaques in the past year were: Tom Blair, Mary Colley, Jim Darcy, Elsie Greig, Carol Gridley, Bob Meston, Bob Myers, Laura Pennock, Isabell Tetz, Betty Vickery and Dave Wagstaff. Luella deBeaudrap and Donna Pride presented each family member present with a rose. Pat Dyson closed the service with prayer. The Anniversary celebration included two humorous readings by Donna Pride following which special cake and coffee was served.
Trochu TOPS had their annual elections on June 3, 2014. Results were as follows: Leader - Kay Gagyi, Co-Leader - Debbie Jensen, Secretary - Dorothy Haller, Treasurer - Deb Ruddell. Weight recorders are Fran Bakeza and Pam Bezanson. This was followed by a delicious pot-luck, which was enjoyed by everyone who attended.