Trochu News July 16, 2014

It was a beautiful day for the annual Elks Canada Day celebration. The pancake breakfast was well-attended and a large crowd lined the streets to view the parade. Numerous events took place during the afternoon followed by a delicious roast beef dinner at the Community Centre. Afterwards, games of Bingo were played and Susan Massey took home the $100 blackout prize. To conclude the days' events, tickets on the cash prizes were drawn. Steve Brown of Three Hills was the lucky $1,000 winner, followed by Janice Weis of Trochu $300 and the final $200 was won by Pat Krusky of Three Hills. Congratulations to all the winners.
Trochu and District Hall Development Society 300 Cash Club winners for June were Cleo Ross, Maryglenn Guard and Joanne Peterson. The mid-year, June 28 draw winner for $500 was Dianne Haworth. Congratulations, Dianne.
Trochu Elks 200 Club winner for May 31 was Marlene Reddekopp. Winners for June were Shirley Smyth, Mildred Hoppins, Dean Hastie and Dennis Kober.
Tuesday, July 8, bingo and birthday celebrations were held at the Drop-in. Those in attendance enjoyed 10 games of bingo called by Ed Henkel with Elvin Haller assisting. Jim Nelson was the lucky blackout winner. Happy Birthday was sung and those present to have their picture taken were Audrey Clark, Irene Diack, Al Gehring, Agnes Greig, Ed Henkel, Maureen Nelson and Grace Olfert. Visiting and birthday cake was enjoyed by all.