Trochu News - July 18, 2018

The Trochu Drop-in’s monthly bingo and birthday celebrations were held on Tuesday, July 10. Jim Deering, with the assistance of Ron Mossop, called the numbers for a variety of ten games. Jean Richmond was very delighted to have all the right numbers for the blackout prize. Bill Kallos, a daily visitor from Elnora and a regular bingo player, was overjoyed to be the sole winner of five of the games. Happy birthday was sung and those present to have their picture taken was Irene Diack, Jim Deering and Grace Olfert. Everyone enjoyed the delicious cake and ice cream. Stay tuned for the next bingo on August 14.

On Wednesday, July 11, Irene Diack celebrated her 90th birthday at the Drop-in with family and many friends. Allan and Terry Diack served the beautifully decorated cake and coffee. Congratulations Irene on reaching such a great milestone.

Trochu and District Hall Society 300 Club winners for June were Brett Knievel, Larry Gall, Alan Gehring, Karen Hogg and Kelly McRae.