Stop seeing the world through ”rose coloured glasses”

Dear Editor,

Re: “There is an appalling lack of compassion” by Susan McNeely; 6/15/22

I can appreciate the author’s views about the death of a child caused by parents or guardians. That tragic situation happens far too often in our society. However, to suggest that abortion is on the same level as murder is “mixing apples and oranges”.

Our laws, backed by all the major parties in Canada, have granted women access to “legal” abortions, and we shouldn’t allow a minority of individuals in our society to dictate what a woman should or should not do with her own life or with her own body. If a woman chooses to abort a fetus, that should be her decision, not one decided by politicians, religious leaders, or religious institutions. The same argument goes for a person choosing to end his/her life through medical assistance.

Where is the concern for the thousands of children abandoned by parents to social services, foster homes, and adoption centres? A myth has been created that all children are loved and wanted. If that were the case, how come thousands of children are waiting to be adopted? How come so many children are physically, mentally, and sexually abused every year in our society?

Just ask the children who have been abused by camp counsellors, parents, relatives, church officials, coaches, and school authorities (such as in in residential schools)?

How about showing concern for battered women and children who have been forced to seek shelter? How about showing concern for the welfare of senior citizens who were neglected in nursing homes and in senior retirement centres? Where is the protection for our seniors from physical, mental, and financial abuses?

Where is the concern for politicians who violate the rules of law or for those politicians who violate ethical behaviour? We seem to be more concerned about what happens in Ottawa, in other provinces, or in other countries than what happens in our own province (“Is the grass dirtier in some other pasture”?).

Maybe some folks should stop seeing the world through their own “rose coloured glasses”, and maybe some folks should stop trying to force their own religious and political beliefs on others.

George Thatcher

Trochu, Ab