Please Live Your Life In Peace As You See Fit

Dear Editor,

I have read several letters recently pushing one side or the other. Let’s talk about the children that will be born under this draconian action by the Right leaning Supreme Court of the U.S.

There are currently around 400,000 children in foster care and about 120,000 waiting for adoption in the U.S. Like Canada some facilities are good and some are terrible. Many children age out at 18 and go on to live miserable lives because of the sexual and physical abuse they were subjected to.

Many states can’t wait to enact very harsh penalties for those helping or getting abortions. BUT they have, to date, included no more money for the care and housing of the children born and put up for adoption. One state went so far as to say a 12 year old girl, raped by family friend and 6 weeks pregnant, could not get the needed procedure.

There are many religious factions that do not address abortion. The Jewish faith puts the woman’s life first. My point is, how you choose to believe and what you believe, is your choice and no one else’s. If you wish to strictly follow a commandment written over 2,000 years ago, that’s on you.

In the U.S. Many ammosexuals, yes that is a word, hang there hats on the 2nd Amendment. The only reason this amendment was written was to protect the wealthy slave owners from slave riots. That’s it. Nothing about 18 to 20 year old guys using semi auto rifles with 30 round clips in schools, malls, or grocery stores killing men, women and children.

Please live your life in peace as you see fit. Leave other people alone.

Robert Warren

Carbon, Ab