Farmers are the best!

Dear Editor,

This past Saturday, I took my 89 year old Dad for a drive east of Trochu to check out the Harvest and spotted in the distance two combines getting ready to start their day harvesting barley (thanks to the “father-in-law” who stopped his truck on the side of the road to have a chat with us and let me know it was barley). We continued our drive down the gravel road and came along the two combines but this time they were closer so I pulled into an approach so we could get a better view of them harvesting.

As Dad and I were chatting about the good old days living on the farm, surprisingly, one of the combines came our way and did a “twirl” right in front of us! The show did not end there because “Ivan the Farmer” stopped and got out of his combine to say hello and asked Dad if he wanted to go for a ride. The next 20 minutes, Dad experienced a thrilling adventure in a HUGE combine beside his new friend Ivan.

Thank you Ivan, for taking the time out of your busy day to remind me what farm life is all about - never enough time to get all the work done, but there’s always time to be kind and make someone’s day!

The Lord bless you,

Dianne Delgatty