Time to stand up for ourselves

Dear Editor,

I hope those who believe Alberta has to remain in Canada are paying attention to the verbal diarrhea that is coming out of PM Trudeau. Everything he says fits the description, but I am referring specifically to his proclamation that Western Canada must reduce oil and gas production by 50% in the next 8 years. Putin must be laughing all the way to the bank as PM Trudeau has already violated his own sanctions against Russia by sending the gas turbine back so Russia can continue to finance the war on Ukraine and will be emboldened to attack more of it’s neighbours. Canada should be increasing it’s oil and gas production as quickly as possible and building every pipeline ever proposed, not only would it be good for the environment as our product is cleaner than the rest but it would displace Russian gas that is holding Europe hostage.

Our increased production would contribute to world peace and restore confidence to those who are reluctant to invest in Canada because of the hostile climate fostered by the unholy alliance of the Trudeau Liberals and the Singh NDP. I also hope that those who believe that the Federal government should be in control of vaccine mandates and the Emergencies Act have been paying attention to the persecution of Tamara Lich, the disaster of ArriveCan, the airports debacle and the mess that is the passport offices. If that doesn’t open your eyes try following the inquiry into the Nova Scotia mass murders where you see daily the incompetence and corruption of RCMP Commissioner Lucki and her political masters Bill Blair and PM Trudeau. Watch International news and you will see that Canada and our PM are mocked daily.

Why Alberta would choose to remain in such a dysfunctional confederation escapes me, but until the majority comes to their senses, we need to elect Danielle Smith as UCP leader and premier and help her enact the Sovereignty Act. To those who say as do: Brian Jean, Travis Toews, Jason Kenny and the liberal media that AB should not pick a fight with the Federal government, I say balderdash. They have been picking a fight with us and winning for decades, it is time to stand up for ourselves. Everything she is proposing Quebec already has and more.

Remember how Rachael Notley’s cooperation with Justin Trudeau to get “social license” turned out. Canada needs Alberta more than Alberta needs Canada.

Gord Snell

AKA Mr Separatist

Three Hills, Ab