More Politicians Coming To Town

Dear Editor,

Here we go again!

More politicians coming to town. I’ll admit I’m thrilled. Politics has gone from being the most boring, dry as dust information to being the most interesting, captivating thing I could be paying attention to. Call me crazy, I know my former self does!

Albertans need a voice and rural Albertans definitely want their voice heard. However many of us fall into the typical Canadian habit of ignoring politics until something bothers us. Then, we often complain about it and forget to get our boots on the ground. We need to get our voices heard by those who can do something.

This is an opportunity to meet who is very likely going to be the next premier. Come shake hands and get an idea for who this person actually is.

In person is very different from what you see online.

I’m not wanting to endorse or encourage voting in a particular direction but simply hoping that by bringing candidates to town, people can vote with confidence when the time comes.

The truth is, that although only United Conservative Party members can vote in this leadership race election, this race is a bit different than the typical leadership race. It could be as low as 2.5 percent of Albertans voting in the next premier. We are getting a “Try before you buy” style premier. There is a provincial election in May 2023 that will challenge this selection.

Even if you’re not a UCP member, this might be your best opportunity to meet the premier that will be going head to head with the NDP in the spring.

I’ve invited three candidates to town for meet and greets.

One is booked. You can see the info in the classified section. One has said they’re coming but no date yet.

One is yet to confirm.

Hopefully they all come. Watch for posters and ads to stay in the loop.

The first candidate to come is Danielle Smith. She’s currently the front runner and has a very good chance of becoming premier. Like her or hate her, it’ll be worth to come and see for yourself what you think. Alberta is a great province, let’s get involved and make sure it’s still great for our kids!

Sara-Lyn Quist

Three Hills, AB