Our Privilege to Stand With Ukraine

Dear Editor,

Ethiopia, a nation ravaged by drought, a nation at risk of starvation, Ukraine, a nation ravaged by war, historically and today. Long regarded as the bread basket of Europe, it has a crucial role in preventing the decimation of Ethiopia by starvation.

As we speak, the “Brave Commander”, a vessel flying the flag of Liberia, is on its way to Djibouti. The precious cargo, grain, will be unloaded and transferred under the World Food Program.

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, is up against a modern day Goliath. He needs the wisdom of Solomon and the strength of David: perhaps trading five smooth stones for something more powerful. Keeping the crisis in Ukraine front and center, insures that this struggle is not forgotten. Even Canada Post is showing support, by issuing the sunflower stamp, (the sunflower being the national flower of Ukraine).

For six years, I lived with my family in a small Ukrainian community, northeast of Edmonton. I even learned a few Ukrainian words, to help me communicate with the frail/elderly residents of the facility where I worked.

I also learned a little of the history of the people I was caring for; carving farms from land that needed to be cleared, foot by painful foot, living in sod huts, enduring isolation and misunderstanding, the brave hearts and strong backs.

Today these farms represent not only back breaking labor, but the ability to face adversity with strength and dignity. It is our privilege to stand with Ukraine in thought, prayer and deed.

With respect,

D. Ruth Jewell

Three Hills, Ab