We’re in a unique position, let’s use it!

Dear Editor,

Last Wednesday we had a great turn out for Danielle Smith. She’s thinking outside the box and people seem ready for it. She’s dealing hope like a drug and Albertans are high on it. Is this a good thing? I suppose we’ll find out. The fact that most Albertans want a stronger stand against Ottawa is nothing new. Our current premier ran on that promise. The route to accomplishing this has been the issue. Danielle is definitely one to watch, she’s got big plans for Alberta and a strong likelihood of winning.

Sunday night candidate Rebecca Schulz came to town. She impressed many of us with her kind but no nonsense approach. She’s taken on Ottawa once as a cabinet minister with regards to funding towards early childhood education and one community member noted that they’ve already seen the positive impact of Rebecca’s work. That track record is helpful to take note of!

Up next is Todd Loewen. Todd has stood his ground and listened closely to his constituents over the last two years of upheaval. Whether you agree with what he stood for or not might actually be a small issue in the grand scheme of things. Having the internal fortitude to go against the grain is proof of a moral compass that is unwavering. We often joke that something like that is rare in politics. It’s refreshing to see someone still have this ability and carry it through the fire. They say past behavior is the best indication of future behavior and going by that standard, Todd is worth paying close attention to. He’s a gentleman and not pushy or in your face. He doesn’t fight his way to the top but quietly gets the job done with very little drama. He’s well respected in political circles and until the premier took aim at him for disagreeing, he held a high position. He was caucus chair at the time and he sacrificed a great deal to follow his convictions and that of which his constituents asked him to bring forth. Worth noting is that caucus chair is the only position that isn’t appointed by the premier but instead by your fellow MLA’s. It’s a great indication that he had strong relationships with his peers and is well respected. This party desperately needs unity if they’re to win the next provincial election. Be sure to check the classified section for information about Todd’s upcoming event. He’s one you want to meet!

It is important to remember that whether or not you prefer a certain candidate, it’s worth coming to meet all of them. How often do we, as a town, get to express our thoughts and concerns right to those in the position to do something about it? Bypassing red tape and speaking right to those who can change things.

We want all of these candidates to remember our community when they’re making decisions this winter. All of our opinions matter and it’s healthy for us to come together and express them instead of being frustrated and feeling like no one is listening. We’re in a unique position to get their attention right now. Let’s use it!

There’s one remaining candidate after Todd who’s been invited to town. I’m not holding out a lot of hope that this one will come at this point, but be sure to keep your ear to the ground in case we get a last minute approval. I’m not telling anyone how to vote, but instead connecting our community to those in government as much as possible. Making our rural voice louder, more effective, and most importantly more engaged is at the top of my political priority list. I’m so impressed with how many have come out to get involved. Our area has a lot of amazing people who have been engaged and working hard for years. I’m really the new kid on the block. Thanks for putting up with me!

Sara-Lyn Quist

Three Hills, AB