Putting PM Trudeau on Notice

Dear Editor,

It was great to see the crowd at the town hall last week to hear and question Danielle Smith. You would have to be very jaded or partisan not to realize that she is qualified to be Premier. The scare tactics of Premier Kenney, some of the other leadership candidates, the media, especially Don Braid of the Herald smack of hysteria and desperation. She explained carefully and reasonably her position on the Sovereignty Act, as well answered every question thoughtfully and thoroughly. To those who think her position is unconstitutional, I ask, then why is it that Quebec already has everything she is proposing for AB? I hope that when the votes are counted, she achieves the same result as Pierre Poilievre, an overwhelming victory on the first ballot. This combination of Pierre and Danielle would put PM Trudeau on notice and it would not be surprising to see him run to some ceremonial but well paying UN position.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB