We can accept good policy but must also question bad policy

Dear Editor,

Throughout history, there have been leaders who used fear, intimidation, and manipulation of information to control those who lived under their administration. This is still happening in the world today. These individuals have no interest in the people’s ideas, views, or what they are experiencing. They make decisions based on their own interests, greed, and desires. These regimes eventually crumble. The people find their voice and strength. They come together to make change. The collective power of the people is stronger than tyranny. Working together toward the good of everyone offers opportunity for growth and improves life for the masses.

In Canada, we live in a democracy with the right to vote and to ask questions. Good leaders offer public forums for open communication and the exchange of opinions and ideas. They listen and respond with respect, integrity, and humility. They understand the importance of building trust and maintaining it. They know that they are working for the people. They take responsibility for their actions. Every member of society can be involved and learn about what is going on at all levels of government. We have a right as voters to hold those we elect to account. We must require transparency, truth, and honesty from those we have trusted to make decisions on our behalf.

Our politicians’ decisions impact all of us. We can accept good policy but must also question bad policy. More people generate more ideas and solutions for consideration. I encourage all of you to be involved & get informed!!

Rose Jimmo

Carbon, AB