Many Willing and Able to Assist. Reach out.

Dear Editor,

I write this on a plane enroute to Toronto and then New Jersey to see family not seen in person for several years. One, a six year old granddaughter I have only seen once in person. The journey has made me reflect on how blessed I am to live where I live and the technology that has made our lives so bountiful. The grandchildren know me thanks to FaceTime, I have seen some of their school projects, their pets and even them play instruments, sports and participate in the Nutcracker.

Riding a shuttle to the airport at 3 am this morning we conversed with the driver, a young man from Kenya who came to Alberta to get a political science degree from a college in Camrose. His goal is to become a politician and many in his family have emigrated to AB and the USA in search of a better life. Even at 3 am he was upbeat and enthusiastic about his future. Standing in line at the airport I was able to talk to a young man on his way home to PEI. He has been working on a wind farm at Hilda AB.

He too was appreciative of the opportunities afforded in AB even though he understands the fallacies of the federal government’s push for the green new deal. We have been fortunate to be involved with four Ukrainian refugee families who are very grateful to be in Three Hills, one just arrived but the others have found employment and all have a place to live. Their testimonies are inspiring.

As I do not sleep on planes or vehicles I reflected on my good fortune to have lived my life in the Carbon, Three Hills area of AB. I think of the myriad of organizations that serve the communities, Lions, Elks, Legions, churches, arts organizations and many more. Last week I had soup at Community Connect and Friday picked up a complete ham dinner at Knox United. There is no shortage of things to attend or be involved in around here. I was even at a political potluck last weekend. I realize that not everyone has the connections that I am fortunate to have and that even in Three Hills there are lonely, hurting people but I assure you that there are many willing and able to assist. Reach out.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB