The Importance of Driving Sober

Dear Editor:

As the festive season is here for many of us, I’m writing to plea to community members to remain vigilant in staying away from driving while impaired.

My 20 yr old daughter Macy Boyce and her long-time boyfriend 21 yr old Ethan Halford were violently killed near Trochu, June 17 2022. Macy’s car was struck and pushed into the path of a semi truck. The driver of the initial car that struck Macy’s car has been charged with Impaired Driving, and other charges.

Our families have been devastated and destroyed and this will be our first birthday (Macy’s 21st) and Christmas without Macy and Ethan. The week of Macy’s birthday and then Christmas was always the most joyful time of year for my family and we had so many traditions. This year, we will not be putting up a tree, lighting a cake, wrapping presents, having family dinner as each day in itself is a chore to get through while being filled with the pain of grief and overwhelming reality of a future without our children.

I’m writing to your publication which has a reach to so many communities where good, responsible people want to keep their children and loved ones safe by staying away from the wheel if impaired by drugs or alcohol. (We’ve met many concerned and caring people in Elnora who have pledged to drive sober by displaying the MEProject2022 decal).

Please remember: There’s always another option than to take the wheel and take lives. Speak up when a friend insists “they’ve only had a few” and can drive.

If this letter reaches one person who remembers the “Macys and Ethans” and their families who will have to have an officer come tell them the most crushing news at 5:30 am, then that is a life saved.

To your kind readers: enjoy the holidays, and every day for that matter, and please plan ahead: ride share, sleep over, designated driver, or save the drink/drugs for when you get home. You WILL save a life (or two) by doing the right thing.

Thank you.

Corey MacPherson

Calgary, AB