Affordable Housing Will Break or Make a Community

Dear Editor,

In the December 21 issue of The Capital, I read where Trochu is considering building affordable housing, i.e. an apartment building. After living and working in several small communities across Alberta, I can say from personal experience that affordable housing will break or make a community, therefore defining its future.

One example is Pincher Creek. A WalMart was built there just prior to my moving there. It employs 140 people, which is wonderful, if those people have a place to live. Several of the employees travelled from Fort McLeod, Lundbreck, Brocket and the Crowsnest Pass. However, this involved having a reliable vehicle, which is not always the case for some individuals. It is much easier to walk to work or car pool with a fellow employee, if you live in town.

Pincher Creek had some rental, which helped some people, however, the overflow often had to take refuge in a hotel or motel. (a note of interest…there are hundreds of fully employed people, mainly men, living in motels, etc. because there is no rental available where they are working).

I read over and over again that Alberta is crying for people in the trades, however these sought after tradesmen also need a roof over their heads. Often their families are living elsewhere, so what they require is housing that is yes, affordable, clean and safe.

It will be interesting to see if Trochu follows through with plans for affordable housing. Their future depends on it, one way or another.

With respect,

D. Ruth Jewell

Three Hills, AB