Trying to Start the Year Off with a Positive Attitude

Dear Editor,

Trying to start the year off with a positive attitude, but…. reading the news and commentaries makes it difficult. Number 1 was PM Trudeau’s “Just Transition”, his next step in his quest to destroy Alberta’s economy. Of course it isn’t just him as he is a puppet (willing) whose strings are pulled by a myriad of players. Rachael Notley recently boasted about being influential in the Federal government buying the Trans Mountain pipeline; purchase price $4.5 Billion, after many delays the last projection: $20 Billion. I have read reports that suggest close to $30 Billion if it is ever operational. Not something to brag about. While trying to destroy the Oil and Gas industry the PM is pouring Billions in grants and subsidies into EV and battery manufacturing, in Eastern Canada of course. The Liberals and their NDP allies have also been busy with subsidies, grants, and incentives expanding the Solar and Wind industries. On the AESO website, which reports all of AB electricity production, mid afternoon Feb 7, 2023 I counted 31 Solar Farms, either operating or under construction, producing .0047% of AB power. 37 Wind Farms producing 8%. Theoretically together they could produce 45% of AB’s needed power. Ironically the more we expand Solar and Wind the more expensive electricity becomes. Why, easy answer: unreliable, has to have a reliable backup. Any sane person with the power of observation only had to look at the failure in the countries that preceded us in the folly. One, Germany just received it’s first shipment of LNG from the USA. Gas that could have been from Canada, but our PM says there is no business case for LNG exports from Canada. Germany is also recommissioning coal fired power plants.

Next negative start to the year was reading prominent columnists in the Calgary Sun and Herald quoting UCP members who say they will vote NDP if Premier Smith does not moderate her positions, particularly on dealing with the Federal government. They also say they have always voted conservative in the past. My observation: if you think our Premier should not stand up for AB when our PM is trying to kill or handicap our major industries, agriculture, oil and gas, if you do not think our Premier should fight for AB to have the same rights as Quebec, particularly when they have received the bulk of equalization payments, largely financed by AB, if that is your position, I don’t care how you have voted in the past, you are not a conservative.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB