The MSM and the Unions are Working Hard to Defeat the UCP

Dear Editor,

We were guests of a local business at the Premier’s dinner at Hanna recently. The hall was filled to capacity with enthusiastic Conservatives. Hanna is a community of strong people as only the tenacious have survived through the generations. They were doing pretty good recently, that is until the NDP were elected. I wish that it was possible to have an exchange program with Edmonton and even Calgary where some of their citizens could learn of the harm that the socialist NDP did to Hanna and the surrounding area. People who work for the government or public service who toed the Pandemic line have little or no idea how government mandates and climate policies can devastate a private business. Perhaps some time in Hanna could educate them. After that exercise perhaps we could set up another program to bring people from Ottawa and Toronto to receive some “real life” lessons. Apparently, they didn’t learn much when the Truckers Convoy went there. Eastern Canadians still seem content to ignore the scandals of the Trudeau Liberals, the latest being the Chinese CCP influence on our election, the scandals in the RCMP with the resignation, and finally of Commissioner Lucki, the CCP setting up police stations in Canadian cities to monitor and harass Chinese immigrants.

I read the Calgary papers and there is a constant barrage of columnists and political science professors criticizing Premier Smith on her positions, Provincial Police Force, AB pension plan, vaccination mandates and lockdowns etc. generally ignoring the facts. The MSM and the unions are working hard to defeat the UCP and inflict the NDP on us again, I am hopeful that there are enough Albertans with common sense to prevent that.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB