Eating Beef Can Provide A Variety Of Health Benefits

Dear Editor,

Eating Beef can provide a variety of Health Benefits, such as building muscle mass due to its high protein content, being an Ex source of iron which helps the body produce hemoglobin. Additionally Beef is a rich source of Zinc which supports normal cognitive function, fertility & reproductive as well as testosterone levels in the blood. Cattle are often demonized as environmental polluters, but grazing them can have a positive impact on grasslands.

“Grasslands store A LOT OF CARBON and we should be proactively thinking about the Value of that Carbon, not to mention the environmental goods and services they provide,“ said Edward Bork professor of Rangeland Ecology U of A, “Grazing is an intrinsic step to help us maintain plant biodiversity”

Worldwide they contain over 50% of the worlds Organic Carbon. The amount of carbon in the soil helps off set the rise in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Check out Alberta Farmer! Not this false climate change WEF want you to believe and our corrupt government!

Debra Ruby

Three Hills, AB