We Have A Treasure In Our Midst

Dear Editor,

Sitting reflecting on the eve of our provincial election. My musings coming up with a majority UCP with 50 seats, but would not be surprised to see either party with 55 seats. My musings are worth absolutely nothing and I would not want to bet match sticks let alone the farm based on them. While contemplating I am looking out my window at Anderson Park and decided that no matter the election outcome I will strive to be grateful. I walk the park daily and Friday the fountain in the pond was activated and shortly after the frogs were croaking their praises. Every evening there is every age walking, riding or pushing something to enjoy the blessing that we have. Thanks to the town workers who maintain, the Beautification Committee who placed the flower barrels and the youthful mature ladies who plant and maintain the raised flower beds. Thanks also to those who pick up after their dogs and themselves. We have a treasure in our midst.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB