Hopefully, Premier Smith Can Stand Up To Ottawa

Dear Editor;

It has been amusing to observe the liberal pundits and commentators gnashing their teeth and setting their hair on fire as a result of the Danielle Smith UCP win over the NDP. Don Braid, Duane Bratt and Lori Williams being just a few. In their columns and commentary, they belittled Premier Smith at every opportunity, relishing in every statement that they could misrepresent and distort. They were confident that they could convince the public that the Notley NDP was the better choice even though it was and is a carbon copy of the Singh-Trudeau coalition. They assumed and were correct in Edmonton’s case that the citizenry would forget the carbon tax, the support of the mandates and lockdowns, the job loses, except in the public service and the fiscal incompetence in the rush to embrace PM Trudeau’s “Just Transition.” Even parts of Calgary succumbed to the siren’s song, but fortunately enough resisted and combined with the rural vote, common sense prevailed. Edmonton being a government town is a lost cause but Calgary being a business town should know better. However when the last two mayors they have elected are considered it appears common sense is becoming less common. The topper was Thomas Lukaszuk, the former PC supporter of Allison Redford urging conservatives to lend their vote to he NDP. Hopefully, Premier Smith can stand up to Ottawa and Calgarians who have been led down the left road open their eyes and realize it leads to a precipice.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB