A Great And Caring Community

Dear Editor,

As one who somewhat follows current events I find it easy to be cynical when discussing them. Thus I decided to relate a few positive local events I have recently attended. We are involved with the Three Hills Rural School group and attended the spring steak fry which, as usual, was excellent. This facility is run entirely by volunteers and provides a low cost meeting place for groups, reunions etc. I try to attend the weekly Wed. Lunch with Friends activity, again run by dedicated volunteers and free to all. I have met many new friends and am encouraged each time, thanks to all. This past weekend we attended the Trochu Gun Club’s annual two-day Summer Shoot which was well attended with the parking lot filled with RVs. This is a family event with all ages present and participating. The Shoot provided a free beef dinner Saturday night and free full breakfast Sunday morning. The club is all run by volunteers. Trochu is the oldest continuously running gun club in AB. Leaving the Shoot. Sunday we travelled to the Ghost Pine Picnic, again run by volunteers, to visit and eat. And eat you could. There was enough pie of every variety to feed the town. Coming up I am going to the Legion BBQ, the Manor Church monthly early morning coffee time, the Porchlight monthly coffee event and the Bethel weekly coffee just to name a few. Fortunately, I am old and have time to fit most of these events in between Doctors’ appointments and friends’ funerals. Reading the newspapers or watching the news particularly our national politicians can be disheartening but fortunately reflecting on what a great and caring community we live in is encouraging.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB