Are We Invisible? Are We Second-Class Citizens?

Dear Editor,

My blood pressure rose as I scanned the Summer Celebration parade route. “They’ve done it again,” I groaned! From the Golden Hills Lodge on in big red letters, it read, NO CANDY SPACE. Why? It’s not that we 40-some seniors in the Robertson Manor next door to the Lodge eat a lot of candy; but our children and grandchildren come to watch the once-a-year parade with us and they are denied the fun of picking up and eating candy. Why?

I thought that last year’s parade was a fluke: most entries were out of candy by the time they reached the Manor; and some floats/entries turned off and did not even come by the Lodge, let alone the Manor, leaving a huge gap of several blocks before the fire trucks concluded the parade.

Are we invisible? Are we second-class citizens? Why are we being treated so? We pay our taxes and shop local. Whoever is in charge of the parade, PLEASE look at your town map and note that we in the Robertson Manor would like to be treated as well as those in the Chateau and the Lodge. Thank you!

Dorothy Beam

Three Hills, AB