The Foolishness In Ottawa Makes Me Appreciate Living In Alberta

Dear Editor,

Writing this July 1 after returning from the Carbon Legion breakfast where everything was prepared by volunteers and you paid by donation. As usual in Carbon when food prep and work is involved Nancy was in the kitchen. I then read the Calgary Herald and National Post online and walked around Anderson Park and am now sitting in front of our condo observing others enjoying the park. I am in the latter stages of life which I assume causes more reflection, as such sitting here reflecting after visiting, reading, and walking I realized that we in Three Hills and Kneehill County need to be thankful for the good governance that our Mayor, Reeve and councils provide. The recent information meeting on renewable energy (definitely an oxymoron) that the County and Barb facilitating being an example. There is always issues to complain about, but the lack of drama and conflict in our area tends to make for complacency. Driving 20 miles south to our former community, reading the papers regarding the present and past Mayors of Calgary, the foolishness in Ottawa makes me appreciate living in AB and Three Hills even more. Is there room for improvement, absolutely, is the UCP faultless, absolutely not, however compared to the disaster we have governing the country and what we could have elected in AB we live in Utopia.

Resuming writing after spending the afternoon at the Wimborne Canada Day celebration. If you want a prime example of community spirit this is a good event to attend. We learned years ago that watching lawnmowers race can be hilarious, you can spend the day there with activities for young and old and not spend a dime unless you choose to donate. All run by volunteers and funded by sponsors and capably announced by Dean Hastie. It is my nature to be a curmudgeon but I had a great day.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB