Thanks To Everyone For A Wonderful Parade

Dear Editor,

We, Robertson Manor Seniors, could hardly believe our eyes. Apparently, someone did not get the memo, as there, on both sides of the street, just after the Golden Hills Lodge were banners proclaiming that the Lodge was the end of the parade route! Some of us (Rebels) wondered if we should move the banners down, or march in protest to a meeting of the Town Council. However, we thought better of it.

We want to give kudos to those in the parade, who disregarding the banners, made a point of coming right over and sharing treats with us. Thank you, it made us feel so special and included!

Kudos, too, to the pipe band members who stayed and played several numbers for us. We appreciate you! Thanks to everyone for a wonderful parade that made us proud to live in Three Hills.

Dorothy Beam

Three Hills, AB