Prepared To Sacrifice Our Economy And Thus Our Prosperity To Appease The Eco-Terrorists

Dear Editor,

Last weekend was Bonnie’s birthday, earlier in the week I asked her what she would like to do. She replied that she would like to go to the Schuler area, the birthplace of her mother to try to locate the homestead. Schuler is NE of Medicine Hat in a very dry area. When Bonnie’s grandparents immigrated from Crimea, Russia it would not have been considered the most desirable farmland but it was available and I assume attainable Today the surviving farms are few and far between, and apparently very large. With the help of a local we found the site of the homestead, nothing remaining. In our searching it appeared the best thriving crop was grasshoppers. On our trip we travelled by Hanna, Oyen then South. We stopped for breakfast at Cactus Corner where across the road was apparently a staging area for towers and vanes for a wind farm. In our travels we saw a lot of wind and some solar farms. As a conservationist this is disappointing as it is desecrating the landscape while increasing the cost of electricity. No matter how much the eco-warriors tell you the cost of wind and solar generation has come down it still needs backup because of unreliability. Battery manufacturers build when subsidized. Volkswagen and Stellantis in Ontario for example. Back to the trip. We toured the MEDALTA pottery museum in Medicine Hat which was founded in 1912 because of the available clay and the abundant natural gas to fire the kilns. Inexpensive natural gas has contributed hugely to the Hat’s prosperity as well as Alberta’s. It would be contributing much more if it wasn’t for the stupidity of PM Trudeau and his fellow Liberals Carbon Tax and regulations to prevent pipelines to export gas to nations like China and India. Everything PM Trudeau touches either dies or becomes more expensive, case in point: Trans Mountain pipeline, after delaying it until the company said it was abandoning the project, the PM bought the pipeline for 4.4 Billion with taxpayers money, now the latest projection is 31 Billion and no likelihood of ever making money, so no likelihood of a sale to recover the costs. He has the Midas touch in reverse. While in the Medicine Hat area we went to Fort Walsh then West across the Cypress Hills, a worthwhile trip full of history and geological information. PM Trudeau and his ilk are prepared to sacrifice our economy and thus our prosperity to appease the eco-terrorists to combat climate change, this despite no matter what Canada does it will have no meaningful impact. The exception being exporting our clean, ethical seemingly boundless energy to countries desperate for it. Speaking of climate change Cypress Hills is a good place to go to gain perspective, apparently it was the only place in AB East of the Rockies not covered with 4 Kms of ice during the last ice age 10-15,000 years ago. The climate alarmists get their panties in a knot over a 1.5C degree change. Imagine the CLIMATE CHANGE that occurred; first to create a vast ice sheet 4 Kms thick, then to melt it all in a relatively short period of time. As powerful as some men and women imagine themselves, we are all puny and insignificant compared to God.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB