Now Is The Time To Step Up And Help

Dear Editor,

If there is a recession in Alberta, I have yet to see it. If people on vacation, pulling beautiful trailers and boats, behind brand new trucks, is any indication of personal wealth, there is much evidence to speak to a high standard of living. However, what I do see is a wealth divide that is becoming more pronounced. For those of you who bought land or houses many years ago, and sit somewhat smugly in those same houses, remember that it will be your grandchildren who will struggle to buy a home and maintain a comfortable standard of living.

Within the next 10 to 20 years, as boomers age and eventually die, there will be a considerable wealth transfer. Again, the wealth divide is perhaps nowhere as obvious as boomers age. Those with assets are able to liquidate those assets and live on the proceeds. Our work force will continue to shrink as boomers retire, requiring a greater need for educated professionals, skilled trades people and those who can and will work in the service industry. Depending on where you sit on the wealth divide, your perspective will determine how you manage your assets. With senior care falling into the hands of “for profit”, and out of the hands of the government, assets can quickly be eaten up.

There are those who never imagined they would be ‘technically’ ‘homeless’ renters, individuals living in motels, staying with family or friends (indefinitely). Today, the reality of having little or no financial security is a reality for many working individuals, who cannot save for a down payment or anything else.

Is it any wonder that the opioid crisis is like a tidal wave? Many are just giving up, devastated by divorce, premature death of a spouse, addiction of a much-loved child, loss of a job. As a society, we cannot bury our heads in the sand. To continue to care, even in small ways, will ensure that we don’t become a Darwinian society, where only the strong survive. Far from being smug, we should be grateful that as a community, we can take steps to help those who have been ship-wrecked by the storms of life. Because no matter how you wish to believe that you are safe, no one is really safe in the toxic world in which we live. Now is the time to step up and help, while we still have the opportunity.

With respect,

D. Ruth Jewell

Three Hills, AB