That's Life - August 2, 2023

As summer slips by it’s time to celebrate the Heritage Day long weekend. Remember to play by the rules and bring yourself and your family back in one piece.

Highways will be extra busy as many of us set out for summer holidays or simply to get a few well-deserved days away from the daily grind.

As always, be sure you follow the rules of the road and be prepared to be pulled over at one of the many Check-stops. Check-stops are in place to keep us all as safe as possible.

Be sure that you use extra care and caution if you are in an area that allows campfires. Wildfires in Canada are at an all-time high. Many of the fires were caused by campers not using common sense.

I’ve got to say that I think the retirement of Smokey the Bear was a huge mistake. I mean, has anybody seen Ember the Fox since they put Smokey out to pasture?

All I know is that every kid from my generation knows that, “Only you can prevent forest fires”, and we learned that from good Old Smokey The Bear.

Right now there are more wildfires in British Columbia than ever before in recorded history. I don’t know what Ember the Fox has to say about that. Perhaps Ember has a strong social media presence. Bring back Smokey, he knew what he was talking about.

Some of us are still raking leaves after last Tuesday’s hail storm. It seems Three Hills was in the eye of the storm. The south end of town didn’t get hit as hard as the north. I was at Maxwell Centre Wednesday at 9:35 am. The south lawn was still white with hail as were the rooftops at Aspen Village. Gardens north of Main Street were all but written off.

I’m, told there were few claims for shingles and although some crops were hammered, they were in close proximity to the town.

Damage, north and south of Three Hills was little if any.

I would like to thank the Three Hills Beautification Committee for all of the hard work they have done with their pots and baskets. Their volunteers have been out doing everything possible to establish regrowth since the storm. If you see them working, offer them your sincere thanks for beautifying our community. It seems that there are those who don’t agree that our flowers should be saved, if possible. I suggest you keep your mouths shut and go bury your heads in the sand where they are most of the time.

That’s Life.