Thanksgiving Weekend Has Brought Mixed Feelings

To the Editor:

Thanksgiving weekend has brought mixed feelings for me. Saturday brought the news of Hamas launching their terrorist attack on Israel. This was celebrated in Ontario by C.U.P.E. to their shame. Our PM has also supported Palestinian terrorist groups with Canadian tax dollars. President Biden provided the funding for Hamas by releasing 6 Billion dollars to Iran, the greatest sponsor of terrorism, and particularly Hamas. Both PM Trudeau and President Biden pledge their support for Israel and condemn terrorism but their actions prove otherwise. It is apparent to anyone who isn’t blinded by their hatred of Donald Trump that the world is a more dangerous place since he was eliminated as President. This happened because he threatened the establishment on both sides. If he was in power Putin would not be in Ukraine, China would be much more cautious and Hamas would still be plotting terrorism not boldly carrying it out. If it wasn’t so serious the Democratic effort to prevent former President Trump from running as the Republican candidate would be amusing as each indictment increases his popularity. Those not blinded by ideology recognize what the left and MSM are up to. There are other candidates I would prefer but I can’t vote. I pay attention because our grandchildren are Americans and like it or not what happens in the USA affects us in Canada.

My good feelings come from my activities in our community. I had lots this week but will mention two. I attended Lunch with Friends on Wednesday. It has been operating for one year and last week served 100 bowls of soup. I have attended every week that I have been able and am impressed and encouraged by the volunteers and those that support it. I write this Sunday evening after returning from a walk in Anderson Park, it was a pleasant late afternoon, early evening and the park was full of families, all ages, diverse ethnicities playing games, riding trikes, bikes, scooters, strolling or just sitting on the grass. I am thankful to be living in Three Hills, AB where no one is trying to kill me or my family because of my faith and race.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB