Continued Faithfulness Will Help To Produce A Happy New Year For All Of Us!

Dear Editor,

A few days before Christmas a local business owner came to our house and gave us a generous present as a thank-you for being a long-time loyal customer of his enterprise. This was an unexpected surprise, and it got me thinking about the subject of faithfulness. I realized that part of what makes Three Hills and Kneehill County a great place to live is that there are many people here who are faithful to their responsibilities and commitments.

Numerous people come to my mind, but space allows mention of only a few who have faithfully served well for decades. In financial services, there is Rhonda at ATB Financial, and Denise at TD Canada Trust. For automotive repairs, Brian at Richard Automotive has given great service at a fair price. Harry has been cheerfully serving Home Hardware customers for many years. Recently retired Dr. Ralph gave me great dental care for almost my entire adult life! And these people have co-workers, employees or bosses who help them serve well.

Your list of faithful workers will be different than mine because, even in our small community, we live in various circles so we know and appreciate different people. Most of us use the post office where Sharon, Barb and others work faithfully. Our editor’s family has faithfully published our local newspaper for many decades. And we all benefit from the faithfulness of town employees even if we rarely meet them. We have recently laid to rest two men who were faithful workers at Prairie College for decades: baker Harry Klosse and painter Charlie Rish. Many others like them, on farms and in our schools and towns, have given us a good heritage.

There can be differing motivations behind faithfulness. For some folks, it is at the core of their character; for others, it may have more to do with their need of a paycheque. Regardless of the motivation, faithfulness helps build a stable community and society.

I salute all those who have maintained their marriage over the long haul. Such a partnership can be fragile because it takes only one unfaithful partner to ruin the relationship. Many of us learn faithfulness in our youth from our parents. Faithfulness thus often begins at home, and lasting marriages help produce faithfulness in the public marketplace.

Digging even deeper on this subject, two millenniums of Christian teaching in the Western world provided a foundation for faithfulness in that the Bible teaches that God is faithful, and He requires us to be faithful. Christmas celebrates an event – the birth of Jesus Christ – that demonstrates God’s faithfulness to humanity. I am grateful for that foundation, and that I live in this place with so many neighbors who are faithful to their responsibilities and commitments. Continued faithfulness will help to produce a Happy New Year for all of us!

Keith Boody

Three Hills, AB