Canada’s Performance Domestically And On The World Stage: Pitiful

Dear Editor,

I am not a sports fan but my wife likes the NFL playoffs and we live in a one-story condo so unless I want to spend Sunday after church in the bathroom I am involved. I admit I find it somewhat entertaining, particularly with my iPad on my lap. I alternated back and forth and watched commercials from the Government of Canada extolling the dangers of carbon pollution. Apparently, they accept the adage that if “you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it.” Carbon or Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant, it is a necessary component of life. The trees of Canada consume more CO2 than we produce even without considering the other plant life. CO2 comprises .04% of the Earth’s atmosphere and Canada produces 1.6% of the world’s human-produced CO2. Even if you believe CO2 can warm the earth, (which it does not) Canada is insignificant. If the earth does indeed warm, history shows that for the human race warming is preferable to cooling. Also, volcanoes are the largest emitters and currently, we have 47 actively erupting volcanoes.

Then on my iPad, I watched (rerun) Chrystia Freeland at the WEF in Davos bragging how they are forcing the “great retooling” which means shuttering oil and gas and spending Trillions on foolishness. This is the person who is the expert on mismanaging Canada’s finances. The WEF is the organization that wants to depopulate the planet and Canada is a big supporter. I then watched coverage of pro-Palestinian demonstration protests, many of them looked like riots, (certainly more so than the Truckers Convoy) on Canadian Universities and Canadian streets. The antisemitism and glorification of Hamas butchery on display combined with the equivocation displayed by the PM and Foreign Affairs Minister Joly was disgusting but not unexpected.

The football was entertaining, but Canada’s performance domestically and on the world stage: pitiful.

Gordon Snell

Three Hills, AB